ACCV 2016 Tutorial, November 2016, Taipei, Taiwan


Fitting Ellipse and Computing Fundamental Matrix and Homography

Date, Time, and Venue

Thursday 24 November, 2016
9:00am - 12:20pm (with a tea break in between)
Room 201D


Computational techniques for ellipse fitting, fundamental matrix
computation, and homogrphy computation have extensively been studied
since the 1980s, but significant progress was made only in the 2010s.
This lecture introduces the latest state of the art.


Kenichi Kanatani (biography),
Professor Emeritus,
Okayama University, Japan.



This lecture is based on the following two books: The slide of this lecture is available on line here.

Ellipse demo excerpts

1. LS, 2. iterative reweight, 3. Taubin, 4. renormalization, 5. HyperLS, 6. hyper-renormalization, 7. FNS, 8. FNS + hyperaccurate correction

1. Fitzgibbon et al., 2. hyper-renormalization, 3. penalty method, 4. random sampling